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Our Approach to ministry…

The scriptures clearly teach that God has graciously provided each Christian with a “gift” or “talent” to be used in His Kingdom (1Peter 4:10; Ephesians 2:8-10; 4:7-16). Our Lord expects us to be good stewards of these gifts; we should exercise them “to the praise of His glory.” (Ephesians 1:3-14) These are exciting times, and God has opened for us many doors of opportunity. We should view every service opportunity here outlined as a ministry. Obviously, the tasks that are involved in the performance of the various ministries will vary depending upon the nature of the area. Nonetheless, everything that we do should be done to glorify God and to service people! We are in the people business. We are committed to people.

As you look over this description of our ministries, prayerfully consider your involvement in some specific area(s) of ministry where you have expertise and interest. As a member at Temple of Restoration, you will be given many opportunities to serve in your gift area(s). Corresponding to this description of our various ministry opportunities will be a gift and interest survey which will provide you a forum to indicate your willingness to serve. Together, we can form a dynamic, unified and talented body of God’s people dedicated to expanding the borders of God’s kingdom while we minister to one another in love.

Congregational Care

CARE GROUPS: A small group ministry that is designed to help us build stronger, more Christ-like relationships with one another. Care Groups enable us to better meet one another’s needs during times of change or crisis. Care Groups are organized as needed.

  • "But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." I Timothy 1:5

Recruits and develops teams to reach out to all visitors, new members, the hospitalized, shut-ins, visitors, and others in need of attention. This assignment is coordinated through missions and evangelism.

CONGREGATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS AND SPECIAL EVENTS: Plans and organizes all church-wide fellowship activities. Assistant is given to any ministry or group who uses the church facility to host a fellowship gathering.

Care Development

NEW MEMBERS MINISTRY: Committed to the task of quickly assimilating all new members into the life and work of the Temple of Restoration family. There are certain basic truths which we as Christians must know and must apply in order to become rooted and really begin to grow in Christ. Our New Member Ministry makes it easier for you to know us and learn how to participate in the full range of activities and ministries: Seeker and New Member’s Class, What We Believe, Spiritual Gifts and Service, Participate in the Vision, etc.

SUPPORT SERVICES ADJUTANTCY PROGRAM: Provides administrative assistance in administration in the church’s ordinances (communion, washing of the feet, water baptism) as instituted by Christ. This group is also available to serve in any special services as requested by the pastor.

CONGREGATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST: Service ministries open to all laymen of the church. Men perform duties around the church on Sunday and in support of Children’s Church and lobby greeting.

MEN’S MINISTRY: Coordinates activities for all men of temple of Restoration. Also coordinates the activities for annual Men’s Day. All male members are automatically members of this group. The Men’s Ministry creates a forum for men at Temple of Restoration to build Christ like character through accountability and commitment to God. We are seeking to lead men into a personal, dynamic relationship with Christ and become strong and courageous spiritual leaders in their families, church and community. There are a variety of opportunities that exist: Accountability through small groups, fellowship/service.

BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONALS: Group comprised of members of the church of either own businesses or are professional persons. Members perform outreach services that promote the intercongregational patronage of members’ businesses or professional organizations. 

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: Special services held during the regular morning worship services, for children under the age of 12 years. Agenda for this time includes a children’s study of certain Bible topics and the singing of Christian songs. Children get to be involved in an exciting experience that makes God’s word come alive and helps them apply it to their everyday lives.

  •  "Jesus said, 'Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" Matthew 19:14

Primarily designed to assist in the indoctrination of individuals to the Christian faith and its prevailing principles, developing spiritually matured and motivated disciples. Our primary focus is members of the church, and secondary, members of the community.

DEACONESS: Women that aid in the provision of the ordinances of baptism, communion, feet washing, and other sacred services.

DEACONS: All members appointed by the Pastor as shown in Acts 6:1-6. Their responsibilities include the spiritual development and growth of laymen, a general support group for the Pastor and the handling of church finances.

DISCIPLESHIP: A muti-faceted ministry that provides leadership in such key areas as: (1) Adult Education; (2) Children’s Education; (3) Family Ministry; (4) Teacher’s Resource Center; and (5) Church Library. Those involved in our Education Ministry are committed to assisting people in their journey of faith and equipping them for effective ministry. Encouraging you and nurturing personal growth in your life is a priority of our church. The avenue through which we accomplish this in our church is discipleLife: deepen your knowledge of specific biblical issues, sharpen your skills for particular ministry areas, and connect to a support group for your unique life needs, convenient Sunday and Tuesday evening schedules. 

  •  "All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching…" 2 Timothy 3:16

The church, as the only institution that cares for families from birth to death, has an increasingly vital role in providing families with a sense of community. It addresses concerns and questions about family relationships. The mission of the Family Ministry is to help develop and strengthen healthy families. This accomplished through sound Biblical teaching in a caring atmosphere where behavior is motivated by the Holy Spirit.

HOSPITALITY GUILD: Is responsible for serving bereaved families of deceased members during funerals. Also, it acts as hostess to out-of-town guests, visiting churches and new members’ graduation.

MINISTERS ALLIANCE: Group consisting of all Elders and Ministries who meet with the Pastor and each other to discuss ways to be more effective in ministry.

MISSIONARIES ALLIANCE: This group consisting of all the aspiring and evangelist missionaries, who meet with the pastor and with each other to discuss way to be more effective in ministry.

MOTHERS BOARD: Senior women of the church who are saved, Holy Ghost filled and who have raised their families. They are equipped to teach and instruct the younger women in the ways of Christ (see the books of Titus and Timothy).

MUSIC: Provides opportunities for members to take their proper place in the total church program through participation in its music. Children, young people and adults are gaining experience in services for Christ through music. Worship concepts and attitudes are being established.

NURSERY: Staffs the nursery for all services and special activities and regularly evaluates our child-care facilities, equipment and programming.

POLITICAL AND SOCIAL CONCERNS: Members discuss problems in our society and community and implement strategies and programs to address these in a church setting and with the purpose of the Church in mind. Duties include: Providing information on political candidates, job fairs, maintenance of an information bank on community problems and other related duties.

YOUTH MINISTRY: Pre-teen and teenage years are a crucial time in the spiritual development of young people. Our youth ministry is especially designed to reach out to youth in middle school, high school, and college-age students in a manner that is interesting, fun, practical, and real: dynamic Bible study, relationship building and life applications of biblical values.

PRAYER MINISTRY: Ministers to the salvation needs of people by further explaining the plan of salvation. The workers involved in this ministry pray for those who enter the Prayer Room (for salvation, Holy Ghost, strength). Prayer is the driving force behind the blessing of God here at Temple of Restoration: Prayer Partners, E-mail Prayer Team, Lighthouses of Prayer, Small Group Prayer, Prayer Seminars, etc.

Congregational Support

ADVERTISING AND COMMUNICATION: Promotes Temple of Restoration, along with assisting various ministries, in advertising their activities or services to the Greater Little Rock area. Its function is to communicate through every means possible, including newspapers, newsletters, brochures, billboards, posters, radio and television.

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: Persons are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all things pertaining to our building and grounds.

GREETERS: Coordinates greeters for each service in the auditorium. Manage our information booth, provide printed information for members and visitors, and answers the telephone during our assemblies and classes when requested.

MEMBERSHIP AND SUPPORT SERVICES: Primarily a ministry of "helps" (1 Corinthians 12:28). Provides clerical and other assistance to the congregation of Temple of Restoration in an effective, efficient, and excellent way. 

PARKING AND SECURITY: Directs traffic flow on our property and provides adequate security during services and classes.

PASTOR’S AID: This group provides special comfort and support to the Pastor. Members discuss methods of providing this support and raise funds to support the pastoral objectives.

MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY MINISTRY: Operates the public address system during assemblies and records the weekly sermons and special events, allowing members to purchase recordings for their personal enrichment. The Media Ministry offers many opportunities for you to use your technical gifts to honor Christ. Effective use of audio, video, computer graphics, image magnification, live sound reinforcement, lighting and production support are used to enhance aspects of worship. We are now a multimedia, high-tech digital generation. We aspire to get plugged-in today! 

  •  "Their voice has gone out into all the earth, their words to the end of the world." Romans 10:18

Coordinates the actual transportation for members and visitors to worship services and church-related activities.

USHERS: People serving in this ministry are involved in various church activities, which include assisting people in locating seats, the communion service, carrying messages, counting, etc., at all services.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Women ministering to women through God’s prescribed way, Jesus Christ, and equipping women spiritually so that they can grow to become disciples in the home, workplace, our church, and the world: equipping through Bible studies and other spiritual equipping studies, special events are planned to provide opportunities for women to make new friends as well as enjoy fellowship with a body of believers. Provides opportunities to give encouragement to one another through discipleship connection.

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